Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Building Model Making Steps

Do you know how to make scale building model?
Today Betty Models tell you how to make:
There are many steps,but easy to say,we

building model making company
Step1:Deal with drawings,create into engrave file.
Step2:Engrave the material,such as building façade,roof,window,frameetc.
Step3:Assemb le façade,roof,window by hand.
Step4:Paint the model façade and other parts
Step5:Asseble painted window,balcony,railingetc and glue them by hand.
Step6:Same steps as building to make the model base,then join building and ground together,add lighting.One scale model finish!Yeap.
Maybe you will find its not easy,yes,right,you need have many machine,tools and most important is technical and handmade skill.
Betty Models is  professional building model maker for 10 years.Leave it to us to make model for you.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Planning models

Planning model is one kind of scale models, normally make into big scale, such as 1:500,1:750.1:1000,1:2000.
Doha City Planning Scale Models
Planning model include urban planning modelscity planning models, residential planning models, commercial planning models.. etc.

When one country is in big developing, planning models demand is big.

10 years ago, India and China was in big construction building period, lots of scale model making companies built up. But due to the economic downturn, last year 2015,thousands and thousands model making companies close down.

Betty Models because of our top quality and top service, even 2015,we still keep busy.

We can say our models are 100% satisfaction, zero complaint.

Welcome to Betty Models and expecting to work for you.