Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cattle Farm Scene Scale Model

Most people understand architectural model maker is making building model, planning model…etc. However, except building models, Betty Models also make game models, machine models, ship models, train models, exhibition model...etc.
Scene Scale Models

We make one cattle farm scene scale model for Australia beef company on Jan, 2016.
In order to let their customers know their beef good quality, all cattle are living in open farm, client let us design and make one cattle farm scene model.
Client has no any drawing and design draft, only give us one video, let me to design and make. The cattle, we design in 3D drawing and use 3d printer to get the cattle, then use hand painting to make the cattle color.
Once client receive the model, they are very surprise and happy. They say ’ This model is much better than we expected. Well done and thank you for your great efforts ’. When we see client’s email, all our hard efforts are worth, this is best return for us!
Australia Scale Model Making
 game scale models

Monday, January 25, 2016

Let Scale Model Making As Your Hobby

Building scale models can be a fun and rewarding pastime. And many manufacturers offer the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that a well-built model can. Dedication, patience, attention to detail, and hard work can transform a variety of materials and parts into a finished craft that not only resembles a real-world object or animal, but also represents yourself, much as would a piece of art.

When you compare art to model making there are similarities and differences. Similarly they both take the same creative skills and discipline; however there are several key differences. One difference is that making art can be very expensive. Paint, canvas, sculpting supplies, and tools can sometimes be cost-prohibitive, especially for those just starting. Model kits on the other hand can be quite affordable depending on the size, scale and materials. Models come in many shapes sizes and materials; most common are plastic and resin molded to the shape of the desired object; however other materials can also be used, from balsa wood to card stock or paper.

Model building has always been popular in tough economic times. It offers an affordable way to pass the time while exercising mental discipline and creative skills. It also offers a rewarding end product that one can display for their own or others enjoyment.

Building models offers more than an exercise in patience and dexterity. It is an opportunity, an opportunity to learn more about your subject. Whether it is a car, a train, or an animal, most who build models already have a keen interest in their subject. Building a model of that subject one becomes more intimate with its every curve and contour. It offers a chance to get up close and personal with things one might not otherwise be able to see.

Farm Scene Scale Models

Affordable quality scale models can be difficult to find. Betty Models is a leading professional model maker In China. With years of development in Shanghai, we quickly earned a high reputation due to our outstanding quality and service. The models are beautifully painted and extremely realistic when assembled. They also provide a variety of species with the larger and more complex models being more challenging.

Building these models offers a distinct challenge to ones skills, but the creativity does not end there. The displaying of a well built model or group of models can be a challenge unto itself. Your creative ambition and interest can carry you beyond the borders of a kit to create truly remarkable scenes and setups. Advanced modelers often modify or adapt kits to create unique displays or dioramas both beautiful to behold and satisfying to build.

For suppliers especially the process of building the model must have patience and concentration, as well as to use fine motor skills. All of these factor into the final product as well, those skills with a finished model that represents the effort put into it.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Betty Models make a fantastic Polar Ocean World Scale Models in Jan, 2016

At beginning of 2016, Betty Models make an excellent Polar Ocean World Scale Models!

Polar Ocean World Scale Models 

Model top quality, all details perfect revivification, authentic color… etc, all of these show out one amazing effect which attract all people in exhibition.  Compare all other companies’ models; our model is so special and beautiful let all people stop here. Our client is so happy and directly makes another project model order to us.

This Polar Ocean World Scale Model Scale is 1:75, dimension is 1500mm×1500mm, use many model technology and material to finish.
1. Model ground: Use color nitpick technology, total we mix and spray more than 100 colors to finish dream color effect.
2. Sea-maid:3D modeling and 3D print, color also use spray technology to make out 10 different color effect, 100% exactly same as design.
3. All water area: Use resin water to make out the effect which very like real water-with some water lines and water reflection effect.
4. Illuminated system: 4 sets lighting system to lit, all water lit blue lighting, all trees lit yellow lighting, entrance disk screen lit around, building inside lit white lighting.
5. Most successful for us-Betty Models is we only use one week to finish these two models with perfect result.

Ocean World Scale Models

About the project of Polar Ocean World, it will be start building from 2016, 2018 complete buildup. Polar Ocean World located in Pudong seaside of Shanghai- Lingang New Town. Mermaid world and cloud world are the two parts of Polar Ocean World. There are total 12 parts.
These two parts start construction building from middle of 2016 and will complete buildup in 2018.  The total size is similar to Shanghai Disney World. Dream design and color seems bring people go into a dream. 

More info, come and visit:

Ocean World Scale Models

Sunday, January 17, 2016

3d Model Making-Cost Effective Sale Tool

3D Architectural models making is a cost effective solution to present the layout and Architectural design by offering the user to experience like Planning Scale  Models how the finished Architectural project will look and feel. This proves to be a very cost effective sales tool for marketing and further promoting the Design of the Architectural Property.

The 3D Architectural model making can be created from blueprint designs or directly from CAD files generated and supplied from the Architect. Taking advantage of CAD files offers a quick and low cost method for generating 3d Walkthrough, 3D Architectural Renderings and 3D Architectural Animation.

There are several options for offering 3D Architectural model making, including:
User Controlled Settings can allow the user to change color and materials used on walls, floors, ceilings, countertops, cabinets and appliances to make their best selection.

Pre-Rendered Image Stills offer 3D photos that highlight the various rooms and design of the Architecture. Special Effects allow for endless possibilities, such as changing the time of day to show the property setting change from night to sunrise, showing the property building itself, walls becoming transparent or changing color. The possibilities are endless.

3D Architectural Visualization offers a great visual representation of how the constructed Architecture will look and feel. We are able to offer extremely realistic lighting, shading and full use of materials for all surfaces to help create a mood and style to enhance the Architectural Design.

The 3D Architecture Rendering allow for a more realistic representation of the actual Architecture. Furniture and decorations can be offered to further enhance the Architectural Design. Colors can be adjusted and mood can be set to help offer the best look to showcase the 3d Architectural models.
Betty Models is a leading professional model maker In China. With years of development in Shanghai, we quickly earned a high reputation due to our outstanding quality and service. Our work covers architectural models, commercial models, exhibition models, industrial models, planning models, residential models, vessel models, and interior models and so on. Besides, other supporting service such as transportation, model refurbishment, model installation, model modification is available. For more info, visit: to find by yourself!

Pakistan Bank Tower Scale Models

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tell You about 3d Model Making

3D architectural models are mainly design for the architectural and city planning, when talking about the indispensable review of the project. It has unique image of the exhibit space and the design effect. Thus, in the construction, planning or modeling exhibition has become an independent discipline.

Building and environmental art model between the plane and the actual three-dimensional drawing space, it is the organic link between the two together, is a three-dimensional stereo mode, building models to help design creative scrutiny, can intuitively reflect the design intent to make up for the limitations of drawing on performance (see architectural drawings). It is part of the process designer, but also belongs to a form design; it is widely used in city construction, aspects of real estate development, sales, design tender and investment cooperation.

Basic features of architectural model scale:
According to the architectural design drawings or design ideas, sample press reduction ratio of the use made of a material easy to process. Architectural models are used in the performance of a means of architectural design features and spatial relationships of the building or building complex. For the need to use the model of creative design, advanced technology, the complex, varied art forms of modern architecture are important. It said working model in the preliminary design stage is design, production may be some simple, so that processing and removal. Materials are available sludge, cardboard and plastic.

After the completion of the preliminary design, it can make more refined model── showcase model for the use of validation of the design.
Display model requires not only the performance of a building close to the real proportions, shape, color, texture and planning environment, but also to reveal the internal space of the room key construction, furnishings and architecture, construction and the like.
Show models generally use wood, plywood, plastic sheeting, glass and metal sheets and other materials. Make a view model to achieve performance design creative conception and ideas.

There are many materials that you can making architectural models, and they mainly divided into four categories:
(1) Chemicals: quartz glass, sponges, plexiglass, chloroform, paint, UHU glue, A plastic, ABS plastic sheet, synthetic plastic version, foam board.
(2) Plant: wood, plywood, MDF, bamboo, cardboard and the like.
(3) Lighting Class: LED lights, rice bubbles and the like.
(4) Crystal laser building models by laser engraving, engraving the crystal inside the building.

Betty Models is a leading professional model maker In China. It spares no efforts to seek after perfection. We aim to provide high quality architectural models and service to meet different clients’ request. Meanwhile, Betty models build a very stable team: highly skilled model makers, experienced senior project managers and designers. We focus on quality rather than quantity. If you have interest, come and visit to find by yourself.
Scale Sea Park Model Makers

Monday, January 11, 2016

Do you know what called Scene Models?

Scene scale model is one kind of architectural models, it normally make out one scene to show the meaning which client want to say. Betty Models is a professional scene scale model making manufacturer, we ever made debris flow scene models, earthquake scene scale models and so on. The effect are vivid, win clients’ satisfaction.

situation models

The model in the picture is a factory which make chemical product. All products need pack, ship. Some products need packed in wood packing box then crane lift it into truck, some other products need use oil tank truck to transport. In order to show its company's power, client makes one scene scale model.

Today we tell you one story about one Chinese man who use 7 years to make one scene model.

Factory Transportation Scene Scale Models

History tells us, if you get success, you must have very difference from normal person. Indeed, yes, this person named Mr Zhen-a crazy military scene model fan, he use 7 years to finish one military scene model-The surrender of signing ceremony scene model. 

Scene Scale Models

Many military scene model fans all over the world like make scene models for Second World War; they use their hand to restore war details and some unknown secret. But for China, no any scene model to show the history of China during Send World War. So Mr Zhen think it’s a blank for China, so he must be make one scene model to show all people even he paid much time and vigor.

Mr Zhen use 3 years to prepare all files of Second World War and use 7 years to make this scale model. You can see the model size is 1.8*0.7 meter, total have more than 200 vivid people, each people he at least use 2 weeks to finish. It’s really a fantastic work!
We are very surprise and admire Mr Zhen.

If you want to get the vivid scene scale models, you can come and visit which can provide what you want and service for all your need! You can also email to to contact immediately!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Tell You Something about 3D Model Making

Looking about 3d model making which let us exciting, pretty modeling just shows us the miniature world. It is fun and exciting to do and is used in a variety of media and business. 3d modeling can be very lifelike though, and might seem overwhelming to a beginner. Here are some steps to take when modeling your first object or character.

Sketching something out before you attempt to model it in 3D is essential to ensuring you do it correctly. The key to modeling correctly is being able to import your drawings directly into your 3D modeling program of choice for quick reference. When sketching out a character, object, or anything for that matter, make sure you provide two views: a front view (if it's a character try to keep the arms and legs spread out a bit) and a side view (a good example of this type of drawing is seen in the references below by artist Nathan Heal). Once you have this type of drawing created you can scan it and clip it into two separate pictures.

Create a plane object in your front viewport by clicking "plane" and then dragging the mouse across in the front viewport to create the object. Make sure you resize the height and width of the plane to match the height and width of the front view photo you created. Then select the positioning coordinates and change all of the values to 0. This centers the plane object at the exact center of the front viewport. Now open the materials editor and import your front view photo as a new texture. Apply it to your plane to see your drawing successfully imported into your 3D Models like quality apartment models & modeling program.

Now create a plane in the left viewport. Make it the same size as your side view image and make sure to value out the entire placement coordinates to 0 like you did for the front plane. Once that is done, take a look at your perspective viewport. What you should notice is both planes intersecting evenly and creating a "plus sign" type of design. Be sure to import your side view as a texture and apply it to the left viewport plane you created. Now if you look in perspective mode you should notice that your drawings intersect one another and they almost make a 3d Modelspicture like commercial housing models on their own.

Villa Showroom Scale Models

Once you have your reference created you can start to model. Some people like to start modeling a character or object from the bottom up so if you are creating a character you would start at the feet, but you can start wherever you like. Let model in your front viewport to start, and not your perspective or other viewports. Create a cube polygon and give it as many splits and sides as you see fit. Convert your polygon into an editable polygon. This is going to allow you to grab all the vertices and manipulate them in any way that you see fit. Drag the vertices into place to create the shape of the object. One you are done with the front then move to the left view and do the same thing there, lining up the vertices with your object. Remember to use the "face" selection and "extrude" tools to keep building your polygon up and up until it becomes the shape you want.

Betty Models work covers architectural models, commercial models, exhibition models, industrial models, planning models, residential models, vessel models, and interior models and so on. Besides, other supporting service such as transportation, model refurbishment, model installation, model modification is available. If you have interest in 3d model making, you can come and visit our website: We not only provide top quality scale models, but also welcome you to join us if you like model making as well.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Amazing! A sports car model is equivalent to the price of ten real cars!

The price of a model depends on many factors, including model materials’ price, model  complexity, technical difficulty, time frame and so on, Betty Models always make special model according to customer’s requirements to make out special effect which client want, win high reputation from many real estate developers and government departments, enterprises and institutions. Today we are going to introduce the car model is not generally expensive; its price is enough to buy 12 real cars!

Perhaps most people are surprised, a sports car is already too expensive to buy for people, why car scale model is so expensive?

This Sports Car Scale Model is 60 cm long, diamond head lamp decoration, diamond wheel, diamond seat, platinum material as decoration, 100% perfect miniature carbon fiber body, whole body gold-plated, plus use 5000 hours work to finish it, here is why it’s so expensive.

Italy Automobile Models

Are you an engineer or 3D artist? Are you a consumer? Are you in a product development business? Do you like custom goods? 3D model printing isn't for everyone, but it has the potential to change the world.

As artists and engineers design each model, the sky is the limit! Artists can design virtually anything to be printed. The limit is purely each designer's imagination. What does this mean? Truly custom products can be designed for consumers. There will be a massive avenue for custom manufacturing! If you think that engraving items is special, just wait until 3D model becomes much more widespread. The design of someone's face could be possible! Imagine how creative a valentine’s gift or Christmas gift could become.

In addition, let's look at the engineering aspect of 3D model. An oil well is about to be drilled, and a highly specific valve system needs to be created. The engineers need this highly specific part to be designed, but they don't want to have to deal with paying for the production of 50 of them. At the same time, they would like it in a very specific material without being gauged for pricing. 3D model making could save the day by allowing for the creation of only 1-3 pieces, at a much more inexpensive price.

If you have interest in 3d model making or want to find top quality model making supplier, must be your best choice, just click and you won't regret!