Monday, November 30, 2015

Building Architectural Model Tips

Architectural models are required professionally for representing buildings and building sites prior to creation. As a way to demonstrate design details and visual impact on the environment, a model draws the viewer in, showing from every angle precisely what the builder has in mind. Providing the proper impact with a model can make the difference in getting across your idea, so keep a few useful tips in mind when performing your model construction.

Building to Scale
For visualization, scale is extremely important. Choose a scale for your building that shows off the design details without overwhelming the viewer by being too large. For residential models a 1:50 scale of 1/4 inch representing 1 foot is commonly used. If your model includes landscaping features you can drop the scale further in order to keep the model's base size manageable. For commercial buildings, smaller scales are used for the same reasons, to keep the base the model sits on small, and to allow viewers to take in major architectural features while still being able to see the building as a whole. Commercial models should be kept smaller than 1:100 scale or 1/8 inch to the foot.
Harbor East Building Models

When modeling interiors, a scale of 1:25 which is 1/2 inch to 1 foot, is common. The larger scale is useful for when you need to show specific patterns and textures in interior design. Another common scale you can choose to 3d detailed interior models in is 1 inch to 1 foot, which is the scale commonly used by miniaturists and dollhouse manufacturers. This scale is particularly useful for the number of interior items available for use in your model, including building materials, windows and doors, carpets, wallpaper, furniture and lighting fixtures.

You can use many different modeling materials in building an architectural model. The materials used are not as important as the way in which they are used. A model put together well with inexpensive materials based on a good design is better than any model using expensive materials but designed poorly, so spend what you feel comfortable with on materials you're confident in working with.
For ease of use when modeling, both amateurs and professionals use high-impact polystyrene. You can typically find this plastic material in sheets of solid white from hobby shops. The material is easy to cut and color, and binds well using solvent cement.

For creating the base for your model, the material used in household insulation can be easily shaped into any needed form with a hot wire cutter. You can also use this open cell spray foam material for creating block buildings where little detail is required, for example, when demonstrating a large industrial site or cityscape.
Visual Aids
To aid in the visual appreciation of your model, include extraneous objects such as cars or people. Additional objects can help to provide scale comparison for your model as well as to show entrance and exit areas, traffic and activity areas. For example, if your model includes a playground, playing children can bring attention to the feature; and shopping center architectural models can include figures of shoppers, and parking areas adjacent to a building can include cars to show comparative size.

Include landscaping for your models. Even if you're modeling a single-family residence, a minimal amount of landscaping can help the viewer relate to the model as a representation of an actual object. Foliage, sidewalks, parking lots, anything that makes your model look a part of the surrounding landscape can help connect viewers to what you're representing.
For more information about model making, you can visit to get more information; we can show a mini fantasy world for you!
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Do You Like Exhibition Models?

Have you seen the exhibition architectural models ever before? You may see in your school's teaching buildings, in galleries, or in shopping buildings. They exist to exhibit designer imagination and wisdom, and will complete by professional model makers to vividly show in front of you. Perhaps you admire their greatness, or you just get the idea, I want to learn model design.

Model design is very complex and cumbersome, but there will be some relatively simple model to facilitate the people to directly see the designer's ideas. When in Shanghai World Expo year, Some of the located company of Shanghai, like Betty Models, has already make many countries’ expo museum models, such as China Pavilion, Switzerland Pavilion,  African Pavilion, Australia Pavilion etc. Most impression is China Pavilion, since during its design to expo time; we almost make 20 work scale models for government of China Pavilion.

Below photo is the 5th model of China Pavilion which we made. You can see it’s also like a conceptual model, with not enough details, just show the basic structure. This architectural model is displayed in design meeting instead of exhibition. But it also can say an exhibition model since after the design meeting, this model also put in local exhibition to show people.
 China Pavilion exhibition models

If you want to know more about model making or want to design by yourself, will always glad to talk with you, and give you satisfy service.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What is the purpose of making concept architectural models?

Scale models business is not a very popular business? Why we need of this kind of models? Most people do not know well of scale model business and think there is no need to have one.

Indeed scale models are not people need in the life, but almost all business need scale models. Scale models include many, such as conceptual models, vessel models, planning models…etc. Today we just talk about the concept models.

We all know when designer start to design one thing, such as building, equipment, shopping mall or others, they do not have the basic drawings ,everything is a new. From design starting to the design finish, they need many steps and much work. So what can give architectural designers a big help? It’s concept models.

concept architectural models make the idea into reality, their most advantage is it can make out a 3d real small building, no any others can replace of its help.

To finish an architectural design need several scale conceptual models, so most designers not care about the details, but time and price.

Betty Models is a professional architectural conceptual model maker, to make a conceptual model, normally, we only need 2~3 days.

 concept models online

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Know about Architectural Models

An architectural model is a kind of scale models- a physical representation of a structure, built to study aspects of an architectural design or to communicate design ideas.
Exterior city planning models are models of buildings which usually include some landscaping and buildings or civic spaces around the building.

Interior models are models which showing interior space planning, finishes, colors, furniture layout, ceiling lightings and beautification.

Landscaping design models are models of landscape design and development representing features such as walkways, small bridges, pergolas, vegetation patterns and beautification. Landscaping design models usually represent public spaces and landscaping.

commercial scale models are models which usually showing commercial area’s buildings and design, such as shopping mall models, office building models, marketplace models, department store scale models, bazaar scale models, emporium scale models.

Shanghai Downtown Shopping Mall Models
Urban models are models typically built at a much smaller scale (starting from 1:500 and less,  1:700,  1:1000,  1:1200,  1:2000,  1:20000),  representing several city blocks,  even a whole town or village,  large resort,  campus,  industrial facility,  military base and so on. Urban models are a vital tool for town/city planning and development. Urban models of large urban areas are displayed at museums such as the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Queens Museum in New York,  the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall,  and the Singapore City Gallery.

Engineering and construction models show isolated building/structure elements and components and their interaction.

Industrial models usually show different scale industrial equipment and plant. such as drilling platform models, power station models, machine models, hydraulic electrogenerating models and so on.

A number of companies produce ready-made pieces for structural components siding, furniture, figures (people), vehicles, trees, bushes and other features which are found in the models. Features such as vehicles, people figurines, trees, street lights and other are called "scenery elements" and serve not only to beautify the model, but also to help the observer to obtain a correct feel of scale and proportions represented by the model. Increasingly, rapid prototyping and solid freeform fabrication '3D printing' are used to automatically construct models straight from CAD plans.

A good architectural model maker like  always do our best efforts to make all kinds of architectural models in high quality and good price. We can use our 3d scale models to let you get a real physical world.

Betty Models
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Why we need make an architectural model?

Many people don’t know the architectural models’ purpose, and think a physical scale model cannot help much, so do not want to pay much money to make a model. However, indeed, architectural models are used for a range of purposes, and architectural models are very useful, even give a fund raising.
 UAE Building Models
You can find easily, developed countries much more like to make architectural models than developing countries. Just because developed countries have advanced technology, equipment and idea, the people know well how important to make a scale models during they design or create a new technology and equipment.

It’s not an easy thing to show your special design to a person who is not an architects or designers, but use physical 3d architectural models can tell people all design very lifelike, and easy to understand and make several decision. At this time, most developed countries’ company chooses to make an architectural model to explain to client, it save much time and money, keep things so easy, and speed up clients make order decision. But instead of this, developing countries do not make like this, they pay much money and time to explain, but useless, meanwhile, they lose not only the money but also the precious chance.

Architectural models are used by architects for a range of purposes. Scale models are sometimes made to study the interaction of volumes or to get an idea of how they look from different angles and to explore ideas. They can be used to exhibit and sell a design to help visualize a design. The high-rise building scale models may be useful in explaining a complicated or unusual design to the building team, or as a focus for discussion between the design teams such as architects, engineers and town planners. Models are also used as show pieces, for instance as a feature in the reception of a building, or as part of a museum exhibition such as scale replicas of historical buildings.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to decide what scale of model need to be made?

Many people do not know what scale is good for them to make an architectural model, if you have not any idea, you can tell us your purpose, and then we suggest choosing a good 3D scale model making manufacturer for you, of course, if you want to decide by yourself, we give you some idea as following:
 Marina Village Residential Models
Once you decided to make an architectural scale model, the next step is decide the model scale. This decision is affected by two points; how big an area you need to model and how much detail you want to show.

If you need to show a big area, you would have to choose a smaller scale, say 1:500, 1:750 or even 1:1000. With less details showing since the model is too small to make all in details.

If the purpose of the model is to show just the building itself you could consider 1:200, 1:150, 1:100 or even 1:50 scale. At these scales you can show all details,windows, doors, balconies, etc.

Whatever the purpose of your model, being able to understand scales will enable you to work out practical, achievable options for your particular project.
Scales are actually very simple. The scale of an architectural model is a ratio - in other words, the relative size of the model to the real thing. For example, 1:1 scale (we would say it as "one to one") would be a life size model. Whereas, 1:10 scale ("one to ten" or “one tenth scale”) would be one tenth of actual size. Likewise, 1:100 would be one hundredth of actual size, and so on. The larger the scale indicator number, the smaller the model, which means less detail can be shown.

Want to know more about scale models? Visit to get more information!

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Make Your Dream Building Come Into Reality

3D scale model making is now very common, to complete a building is always to go through a lot of steps, but in these steps, the most important thing is the beginning of the idea, which requires professional people to operate. When the vision is completed, how can let their imagination into a real three-dimensional look like? Direct construction? No, that is too time-consuming and money waste. The best way is to use the model to simulate the way the imagination, so that both can clearly be seen that after the completion of the way, but not too waste of money, the loss will be much smaller.
 Hongkong Core Creek Mountain Wood Models

Actually, find a professional commercial housing models manufacturing company like Betty Models, which gains rich experience in the field of commercial housing models, exhibition planning models, 3d architectural models etc, can solve the most important question- quality

As many clients are interested in the production process from 2d works 3d works reality models. The company is also pleased to tell them the specific steps.

1. Without the Auto Cad drawings, can also realize the structures inside or outside the building through the initial blueprints. (It is the first and the most important documents that help us handle the work smoothly.)

2. Intelligent 3D designers can easily but exactly draw out the computer graphic of the building's interior plan site. All the attached furniture and decoration are also designed by our staff's inspiration so that to perfect the final production.

3. Personnel in the workshop begin to build this house according to the structure drawn on the blueprint and computer graphic. The transparent organic glass is especially on the purpose of showing the interior design to people.

4. The completed model of the interior floor plan. The color, size and other details are fully subjected to the description on the 3D rendering.

5. The 3D rendering with outside environment. This architectural simulation is also worked out on computer after analyzing the blueprints and the designer's explanations.

6. The specific sizes are necessary to create the model.

7. The final model is finished from 2D work into reality. The production is amazing and wonderful as expected.

8. The special feature of the model. Lighting and small decoration like cars are equipped so as to lead the model to a lovely and lifelike atmosphere.

9. The professional personnel are checking the electric circuit to make sure the lights all right.

10. Before we delivery the models to clients, we should carefully pack them and protect the models from pressure and damage.

You can find the manufacturer of model making like job always be well done on time, safe shipment and within budget. And Whatever your ideas, they can work to bring your concepts and ideas into the real world-3D models. From a simple concept model to a fully detailed model, come with the sound, light and movement, to show a real fantastic small world.
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